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  • Jarel Evans

Women's Soccer: Mid-Season Recap

The Olivet College Women's Soccer team played against Adrian College Oct. 9 at Olivet Colleges’ homecoming weekend. The team fell short in that game, 3-1.

Kate McElhone taking on two defenders. Photo by Jarel Evans.

“It was a fun game to play in so getting the assist made it even more fun for me. Especially because my girl Elisabeth Pablo scored!” said Kate McElhone, senior captain of the soccer team, “Where things went wrong is we get punished for our mistakes. We don’t step soon enough and let them get shots on us.”

“Some of the team goals for the next game is we get more shots on goal and apply more pressure on the other team” “My personal goal this game was to win my personal battles and be confident in my abilities' ' said Kate McElhone, senior captain.

In the most recent game that Olivet College women's soccer played they lost against Alma College on Aug. 13 when they were defeated in overtime during a competitive game. The final score, 2-1. The only goal that was discord by the Lady Comets was made by Kiley Schneck on a free kick.

“It felt amazing to score a goal in that moment, especially since I felt the belief from my coaches to step up and take the free kick” said Kiley Schneck, senior captain of the women's soccer team.

“Only thing that went wrong during the game was not clearing our lines well enough. To overcome this loss we need to continue working hard and staying true to the values of our program.”

Kiley Schneck thoughts on the next game, “we’ll come out with the same amount of intensity and desire, especially since we’re nearing the end of our season.”

Kiley Schneck moving up field. Photo by Jarel Evans.

“My personal strategy for this game was to be physical with Alma and win every ball-which we did. Once I scored the goal I wanted to maintain our defensive shape and not concede any goals,.” said, Kiley Schneck.

The Olivet College Women's soccer team has three games left with a 1-9 record while 0-5 in conference. The next opponent the Comets play is Kalamazoo College on Oct. 20 at Olivet Highschool. For more information checkout Olivet (


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