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Tim's Pizza- Closing Soon

Situated on the corner of Washington Street and S. Main Street is Tim’s Pizza, a business that has served the community of Olivet for over 30 years.  

Tim’s Pizza, is owned and ran by Scott Ramage, an Olivet College alumni who took over the shop after buying it in 1990s. “Tim's pizza used to be on the corner, down there next to the hardware [store] at the Main St. Stylers and in 1989 Tim and his partner moved the business across the street and over to here,” said Ramage. After graduating Olivet College, Ramage would spend a few years working at Tim’s Pizza before making the jump to owner. “My late wife and I purchased the business in 1995,” said Ramage.  

Now, nearly three decades later, he has new goals in mind. “I've signed a purchase agreement and hoping that that goes through,” said Ramage. “This is my 30th year doing this and I'm kind of looking forward to you know a new chapter in my life.” Ramage hopes that someone will take the opportunity and keep the business as a restaurant saying, “This business has been great, and I think it could be a great opportunity for someone else.”

Daniel Hayes, Coordinator of Recreational Programs at The University of Olivet works alongside the Chamber of Commerce in Olivet to create opportunities for students in the community often working directly with the businesses that line Main Street. “I think Tim’s has been a staple in the community for so long, it would be a big loss for the community. Pretty sad, but I think it’s a good potential opportunity,” said Hayes.  

As for the city as a whole Hayes said, “With some of the other changes that are coming with the chamber, the city in general, I think that we are heading in a positive direction. Same with the University, I think a lot of these changes are scary for some people and, you know, change is never easy, and I think that given time you will see a different community.”   

Owner of Seasonal Inspirations Gift Shop, Jamie Kita shared her thoughts, “Tim’s is a pillar in our community, he's been here for a long time so it's obviously sad to see that go and change. But over the years that I’ve been here there's been a lot of change in our town so it's good, I like change sometimes.”

The exact last day for Tim’s Pizza has not been decided, but it could be as early as Sunday, Feb. 25. “I’m going to play it by ear and see what happens,” said Ramage. “I've never sold a business; I've only ever bought a business so I'm at the back end of this learning curve, but it could be very soon. It could be this weekend.”

By Ella Gaffke, Stuart Donlan and Ben Porter



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