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The University of Olivet Hosts International Women's Day Luncheon

OLIVET, MICH. - On Thursday, Mar. 7, The University of Olivet hosted a luncheon in honor of International Women’s Day. The luncheon, held in the Oakview Dining Room at the Kirk Center, was an opportunity for the university to recognize some of its most outstanding women who work to empower themselves and other women around them.


Dr. Linda Logan, University of Olivet Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, says the university has been very proud in recent years to not just recognize, but also celebrate International Women’s Day.  

 “We started celebrating it three years before COVID,” said Logan. “We always want to be true to what International Women’s Day is about, which is acknowledging women who work to inspire and uplift other women.” 

Part of the event was the Yellow Rose Ceremony, in which student-nominated women from across campus received a yellow rose in recognition of their dedication to uplifting and supporting the university’s community of women. 

Listed below are those who were nominated for or received Yellow Rose recognition:

Robin LuckadooChadderdon

Maria Davis

KayDee Perry

Marjorie Newman

Laura Barlond-Maas

Kelly Corey

Kordilia Noble

Kwamise Taylor

Rivkie Biritz

Laneace Menefee

Tonya R. Tepin

Tiana Bosley

Cynthia Noyes

Jenessa Hicks

Zae'da Hayes

Priya Basnyat, Assistant Coordinator of Retention Initiatives and Housing Operations at the university, believes events like the luncheon and the Yellow Rose Ceremony are very important to the world we live in.  

“In a male-dominated society, it is very important to recognize women and what they do for the family and for the people that they love around them,” said Basnyat. “A lot of women just keep quiet and don’t say anything and do what is required of them to do, but it is very important for them to get recognized and to voice their opinions.” 

Junior Asia Sherman was invited to speak at the luncheon about her experiences as a woman abroad, both as a child in a military family and now as a student on trips that she has taken through the university. She was able to provide her insight on why she believes International Women’s Day is important to recognize and celebrate from her perspective.  

“There are a lot of layers to International Women’s Day, I wasn’t even really aware of it until I was already an adult,” said Sherman. “To me, it's about learning what it means to be a strong and independent and powerful woman, and being loving of who I am.”

Story by: Nate Lehman, Ben Porter, and Taylor Wilsey

Photo Credits: Nate Lehman and Taylor Wilsey 


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