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  • Julia Mellinger

Students Across the Midwest Express Concerns Over COVID-19 as Holidays Near

Students from various schools in the Midwest are soon to be on Thanksgiving break. With the COVID-19 pandemic still prevalent, people going home for break, and then all returning after a week with family. Students have different opinions to give on their current situations.

“I’m not concerned for my family specifically since we’re all fully vaxxed [vaccinated] and like IU and Bloomington still have vaccine and indoor mask mandates, but definitely I’m concerned for people with family members that aren’t vaxxed,” said Madeline Asderau, a freshman from Indiana University.

“I heard that there has been an increase in cases recently and know multiple people (friends and family members) that have tested positive in the last few months,” said Luke Gentile, a sophomore from Michigan State University.

“I am not too concerned about people spreading covid over break because of the vaccines but I think people should still be cautious when visiting older family members,” said Colin Camp, a junior from Grand Valley State University.

“I am not concerned about the health. If you have covid you shouldn't attend your thanksgiving,” said Grant Rudell, a freshman from Trine University.

“I think for the most part it’s not really going to change, cases will spike over the holidays but I think most people will be okay,” said Samson Jeyakumar, a grad student from Oakland University.

“I’m slightly concerned about thanksgiving break because I am around students all day most of the days of the week and to be frank we are not the healthiest bunch of people so now everyone is going to be bringing home the cold and flu that most students are having and that could turn into worse things for relatives with much weaker immune systems,” said Alex Birdsall, a senior from Western Michigan University.

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