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  • Rian McClenney

Senior Art Exhibition: Graduating With Style

With graduation right around the corner and the time to walk across the stage fast approaching, many seniors at Olivet College (OC) are counting down the days towards when they can accept their diploma and say farewell to the campus as well as to the professors who have helped them. Of course, some students intend to leave their mark here at Olivet to ensure that they will always be remembered. “We have seven graduating seniors, a few graphic designers, but also quite a few studio art majors,” said Cynthia (Thia) Eller, Associate Professor Of Art. These seven seniors are Eliza Velasquez, Katlynne Moriss, Rebecca Robison, Julia Post, Joe Post, Abby Licht, Isaiah Bailey, Sarah Boyle are members of the OC community who have visual arts majors. These seven students will be showing off their final pieces that they have been working for all semester to present to their peers during the Senior Art Exhibition. “There’s going to be a lot of work, a lot of paintings, some ceramic pieces, a few sculptures, and a lot of drawings with a lot of verities,” stated Eller. “Each Senior in their junior year develop a thesis and they are to inform their studio work for the last two years because they have spent the first two years getting their skill level up, and then use the last two years of classes as they take upper-level classes its good to have something to say, so the theme is giving them something to say, a chance to express themselves.” These seven students have done their best to present their pieces for the public to see, and now all their hours of study, hard work, and determination are paying off. “Words really can’t describe it, it’s so surreal that the last thing we do is present our art that we’ve been working for four years,” Graduating OC Senior Sarah Boyle stated. “Everyone in our campus is going to come to see the show, our families are gonna come see the show, it’s nerve-wracking, it’s very stressful, but I can’t help but be excited as well.” Much like the previous Exhibition that had been held back in February, this exhibition will be open for the public, however, the viewing of this exhibition will be held on the Campus. “ The exhibition will be held at the Riethmiller Blackman Art Building on Sunday, April 22nd from 5-7 pm.” Said Nina W. Butts.

Thus, this lets the graduates present their art to family and friends alike and for future art students to come and see and aspire to one day have their own work put on display for future OC students to see. “Really think about what kind of topics you want to think about for your art for the next four years,” stated Sarah. “Because the senior art exhibit you pick a theme and your art is centered around that theme, it can’t just be one theme, my recommendation is during freshmen or sophomore year, really think about your theme and make sure it’s something you want to do for 2 maybe 3 of your college year.”


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