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  • Rian McClenney

Olivet College’s Got Talent?

Have you ever envisioned yourself standing before a crowd of hundreds of people all ready and waiting to let them see just how talented you are and to see just what else it is you can do? Then you’re in luck because for one day only Olivet College is hosting its own talent show, a chance for the students to have their shot at showing the staff and students their talents and gifts that they were blessed with.

Various flyers for the Talent show have been spotted around the campus at various places such as in the bottom of the KC, the Library, the Mott building, meaning there are various chances for students to sign up to claim their spot for the big debut of the showcase and the first three runners up have a chance of winning one of three prizes consisting of $200, $100, and $50

Of course, these spots won’t remain open forever, with the talent show being Thursday Feb 17th from 7:30 to 9 p.m at the Mott Academic Center Auditorium the time to sign up is approaching its final act with the cutoff signup being Monday Feb 14th, Valentines day being the last day to make the mark and earn the chance to stand in the spotlight to perform for their friends, teachers, and fellow Olivet College students.

For more information on the talent show as well as too see if it is too late to sign up, you can speak to Landen Cooley at:

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