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  • Julia Mellinger

Olivet Coach Breaks World Record

Assistant track and field coach, Andrew Benkovsky, broke the Guinness World Record for the mile while pushing a stroller. On October 13, 2021, he decided to attempt to break this record with his daughter, Remington, just for fun. He needed to run lower than a 4:50 mile time, which he ended up beating with a 4:38 time instead.

“I started running with Remington just because that was a way to put her to sleep,” said Benkovsky, “I would take her for a run, that was her nap when I was watching her.”

When providing background information of what led him to want to break this record, he mentioned how he had been running with his daughter so frequently, like winning 5k runs and a casual 15 mile run, that he assumed that there had to have been some stroller pushing record out there he could beat.

As of now, it is only unofficially broken, but Andrew Benkovsky is in the process of having his record verified for the Guinness World Records. He mentioned that it may take about 10 weeks before his time becomes official.

Benkovsky said, “I have to have two witness statements, two clock books that the coaches did, and then send in a video with some pictures.”

Photos by Julia Mellinger.


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