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  • Alicia Bullaro

OC Football Prepares for their Homecoming Game

OLIVET, Mi (Sept. 13, 2021) – During the weekend of Oct. 8-10, the Olivet College (OC) community will be celebrating their yearly — apart from last year — homecoming. The annual homecoming football game will take place on Saturday, Oct. 9 at 2 p.m against Trine University at the Cutler Event Center.

Coming off the so called, “Covid Season,” there are many questions about what this football season, and what the homecoming game, will look like. One of the main questions is fan attendance.

For the time being, fans will be allowed at all football games. This is, however, subject to change depending on the state of COVID-19 cases both at OC and at opposing schools. As was the case all last year, if positive cases begin to rise, policies are subject to change.

“Having fans in the stands is a total game changer for us. To be able to have that energy and juice back in our corner is a huge piece to our puzzle that we were missing last year,” said Sam Roose, junior.

The OC comets are very eager to play a season similar to pre-COVID-19 times, and this includes the playing of a game during homecoming weekend. Since the Comets did not have a homecoming last school year, the ability to play a homecoming game this year is not taken lightly.

“Most people will say all games are the same, but they’re really not,” said Tamar Heart, senior captain. “Homecoming is when all the alumni come back, and there’s always pressure to show people what you are capable of.”

However, this added pressure does not bring major changes to the way the team will prepare for the game. Dan Musielewicz, head coach, has developed a weekly process that the team goes through for every opponent they face that remains the same every week.

“The opponent we play does not change those plans,” said Musielewicz.

The team will, however, recognize the added pressure of a homecoming game with returning alumni in attendance. The team values communication, and coaching staff talks to the players daily about potential distractions that the week could present.

“Having so many of our alumni come back to watch us, we try to identify and utilize the extra energy that this situation presents to use,” said Musielewicz.

Before homecoming, the OC comets will take the field for an away match up at Alma College on Oct. 2. Fans are permitted, so come out to support your Comets in person this year. Games are also live streamed to be watched from anywhere at

Photos by Alicia Bullaro


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