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  • Julia Mellinger

Haley Diringer: Olivet's Athletic Director

Haley Diringer leads the athletics department at Olivet College. Her main focus is on the success of the student-athletes and the coaches. Overall, she wants to assist in creating a positive experience for student-athletes, as it is her main priority.

“I provide our student-athletes support for their time here at Olivet. I am here for them for academic support, athletic support and their well-being. We have things like the Fueling Station and study lounge in Cutler that are specifically focused for our student-athletes,” said Diringer.

Many students can feel how much she cares about every single person who walks through the Cutler doors based on what she offers alone. Cole Miller, junior, often has 9 p.m. soccer practices, he said, “I appreciate that she started the free snack and drink station at Cutler because it was nice to get a drink after a late practice.”

“I choose to provide the fueling station to our athletes because it goes along with my passion for ensuring student-athlete well-being. Knowing that our athletes can grab a snack to help fuel them through their day is very important and makes an impact on their ability to be set up for success,” said Diringer.

As one of the heads of the athletic department, she feels a passion to be a support system, emotionally and physically for everyone, regardless of your G.P.A., or what sport you play. One student in particular has felt this support ever since becoming a Comet.

“Haley is very supportive of all student athletes, but being a woman athlete she especially has our backs,” said Kate McElhone, senior.

Another student had positive words to say about our athletic director as well.

“I think Haley has done a good job as the AD so far, she has embraced her role well and has done right by me and all of my teammates,” said Brain Paquette, senior.

Diringer’s office is located in the Cutler Athletic Complex near the athlete’s locker rooms. Her schedule varies day to day based on athletic events, meetings, etc. To get in contact, email

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