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  • Andrenae Johnson

Keeping The Comets In Line

The Olivet College football team standing on the sidelines of the first game of the season that happened Saturday, Sept. 7. Olivet won 20-17 against Wilmington, Ohio.

When going to Olivet’s home football games, you are sure to see all those men in their red and white attire and wonder, how many are there? How do they stay organized?

Currently there are 165 student-athletes on the football roster.

“A group of men this large certainly presents logistical challenges”, said Coach Dan Musielewicz. “We have an incredible staff that is dedicated to the overall maturity, growth and success of our student-athletes in classroom, on the field, and in life.”

Handling such a big team are sure to have some struggles, but Musielewicz said there are “no struggles.”

Antonio Thomas, a junior and receiver for the Comets, has been playing football for the past two years. “I do plan on playing until I graduate” said Thomas. “My reason for being a football player was the love and passion the game of football brings. The crowds and the teammates you get to bond with makes me want to be a football player.”

Musielewicz said that their aspects for organization include “Communication, Equipment, Film, Weight room, classroom support, mental support, relationship building, leadership development, and overall Building Culture.”

Communication: An application called “Teamworks” is what the players use to communicate, it also provides their electronic class schedule.

Equipment: Excellent organization from the equipment manager helps them cycle all of their equipment to safety standards every year.

Film: They film their practices from six different angles. The playback helps the players learn and helps the coaches teach.

The Olivet football team playing against Wilmington, Ohio on Sept. 7.

Weight room: Three of the coaches are strength and conditioning certified, enabling them to create a culture in the weight room.

Classroom and Mental Support, Relationship Building: The coaches have weekly meetings with their players about their lives. They learn about each other, who they are, where they are from, and their goals.

Leadership Development: Their leadership development program “Band of Brothers” is something they invest heavily in.

As for the solution to Building Culture, Musielewicz said, “Win is our culture, it is how we live and work every day.”

When asked what he wanted people to know about the team, Don Griffin Jr. said, “That we take pride in being respectful gentleman and giving back to the community.”

Photos by Aloria Benson

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