• Echo Staff

Scholarship Honorees Announced

The Women’s Board of Olivet College will be presenting 13 scholarships at this year’s Honors Convocation, Wednesday, April 18, at 6:30 p.m. in Mott Auditorium.

Each year, the Board accepts applications from all Olivet College students who fit two requirements: a 3.5 or above gpa,and no judicials, as well as a commitment to service.

This year’s honorees are: freshman Desiree Luque Pradas; sophomores Amari Brown, Tatum Oxford, Miranda Pier, Brandie Pomeroy, and Katelyn Priest; juniors Emily Dorn, Margaret Dunn, Alexis Hart, Jeff Humphrey and Jessica Taylor; andsenior Marisa Vertrees.

The Women’s Board has at work practically since the college was formed, providing funding and support to student andcollege needs. Members are usually Olivet College sta , faculty, alumni and friends. Events like BUNCO help raise funds for the Board’s efforts, which are also supported by membership dues and gifts and donations from area churches and organizations.