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  • Travis Oberlin

4-0: Homecoming reveals juggernaut

Now do you believe me?

I told you one month ago that a juggernaut ruled over the MIAA. That the title train was leaving for Alma.

Did you hop on? Nopeeeeee.

For those of you biting your nails about the reigning champ and first overall preseason pick, you can sleep comfortably. Seven points is a mere cry for help.

You said that the 61-point walkover of Earlham didn’t mean squat, how they will not win a game all season. But it’s funny how opponents since then haven’t scratched 60 on the scoreboard against such a “winless” program.

Next, you professed how the Carthage victory was nothing short of average and that a young squad shouldn’t put up 32 points on a stout defense. But Carthage is 1-1 since the meeting with their 4-point loss against No. 25-ranked Illinois Wesleyan (newsflash: week 2 - Wesleyan 49, Alma 14… Yikes).

But then you said the 44-14 smashing of Aurora was “the usual” since it was a repeat performance of last season. Brandon Evans is one of the premier backs in the CCIW conference (nothing less than 60 yards per game and 180 yards last week), but Olivet stacked the box and it was game over. Now I suppose your going to tell me that Adrian lacked the skills to beat Olivet the last three years, right?

Time to insert some knowledge for you, young bucks. I guess better late than never.

Most points…check.

Fewest points given up…check.

That’s right, boys and girls – your Olivet Comets have the No. 1-ranked offense and defense in the MIAA.

C’mon, Travis, you can’t really believe the Comets have a shot of beating Albion, Trine and Hope. Next thing you know, you’ll be predicting an undefeated season. That would be crazy.

That’s not entirely accurate… try wild or even irrational. But hey you said it, a perfect season it shall be.

There I go again, making promises. But this is the last call for train reservations before it departs, after Saturday’s win over Trine, there’s no more room for non-believers.

I know, I know, you seem uptight. Travis is “jinxing” the whole season, why would he do such a thing? Would you rather be 1-3? Go back to the “old days” where a loss feels natural, like Detroit in 2008. Ouch.

Times have changed and the era of “Pifernation” has just begun.

From time to time on my radio show, I’ll jab Pifer on his winless streak against his former employer. Always seems humble and less bothersome by the honest joke. But all laughs will echo the visiting locker room come 3:30pm Saturday.

The Comets win this game. What a bad time for homecoming.

No “thunder buddies” in this scene, all business. But business presents itself a little differently this time around. Trine ranks dead last in passing offense and scoring mirrors the statistic with a mere 20.8 points per game.

A resemblance of the 2013 season could be what some refer too. 5-0 and an offense that ranks high in the conference. But again, homecoming is long gone and more importantly, the “curse” is no more (Olivet’s first HC win since 2011). Trine kept the curse alive last season, scoring 14 points in the last 6 minutes to upset Olivet.

If last week showed you anything it’s this: Andre Houston – FRESHMAN – 4 touchdown runs. By now you guys should know my favorite word…depth. Just when one guy after another goes down, (Chris Jones on Saturday) here comes another stack of playmakers.

So, I’m giving you a chance to buy in now. This offer’s only available until 12:59pm eastern time. Oh, and I’ll take this juggernaut with me to Alma.

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