• Travis Oberlin

Comets break out broomsticks, prepare the confetti

Junior Braden Black (No. 15), right, eludes Aurora tacklers on Saturday, Sept. 19,  in a Comet 44-14 victory.

I know, I know, Olivet’s been here before.

Three non-conference wins, three foes “outta sight, outta mind.”

We all know that “these wins” are meaningless, insignificant, nothing. That of course holds true, unless a certain tiebreaker were to happen. Damn you, non-conference play and your worth to the league (but thanks to the league for a playoff spot in 2007). I guess take the sweep and sleep comfortably… two weeks in fact, it’s bye week!

All aboard the MIAA champion train. Final stop: Alma, Michigan.

What do you mean I’m overreacting? Don’t be that guy telling me Earlham hasn’t won a game since 2013, and how they couldn’t muster up positive yardage on the ground.

I mean, come on, it was 74-13.

That’s murder in the first degree.

Oh, by the way, that same 74-point dominance was third-most in school history. It would have been the second 100-point performance of the 21st century had Dan Pifer not sent in second, third and fourth string recruits at the start of the third quarter.