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  • Shaun McKinney

Intramural sports enjoys its own rules, roles on campus

Intramural sports (IM) are an outlet and way to stay active for college students. Basketball, dodge ball, volleyball, soccer, and football and more are offered to students not currently participating on corresponding MIAA teams at Olivet College.

Sophomore Aaron Washington, who participates on a football, a volleyball and a dodge ball team, said, “I enjoy winning in everything we play in.”

Not only do students participating in these sports enjoy it, but also other students come to cheer and watch. Sophomore Zach Walker said, “It is really fun going to watch friends play and compete in different sports, my favorite to watch is football because everyone gets so competitive.”

Freshman Jacob Grimes, another student who has gone to watch said, “I enjoyed competing in flag football this past fall; was really fun until it got too cold.”

Teams also have coaches who are current students. Senior Blake Krum is a coach and said, “I like to coach, even if I can’t play.”

The IM sports are coordinated by Jake Schuler, director of IM sports, but refereed by students as a work-study job. Senior Jordan Union, an IM ref, said, “The players love having fun and competing, and as a ref I enjoy being a part of that experience.”

These sports are an outlet and activity for students to participate and watch during the week and sometimes on Sundays. Games are held at MacKay gymnasium and at the football field at Cutler. Many of the students participating played these sports in high school, but either decided against or did not have the opportunity to play in college. This is a way for those students to play competitively again.

Sophomore Jacob Zielinski who played football for four years in high school said, “It was fun to get back on the field and to compete with my friends again.”

Students do not receive anything for winning except the bragging rights on campus. However, students do receive a workout competing in these different sports.

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