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A New Look For Campus Safety

The desk sits at the entrance of the new Cutler Student Center.


Campus Safety on The University of Olivet campus made the move from their previous location at the Burrage Library to the newest building on campus on Jan. 22.

The motivation behind this move was to put Campus Safety in a more available location to students.

Alumni and Campus Safety Officer LaKisha Pressley shares how the new desk will impact the campus, “We think this is a step forward to revise our relations with the campus community.” The new desk will be attended during the hours the Cutler Student Center is open from 7 a.m. to midnight. “Our goal is for our cadets to work the front desk while the other officers can take care of what needs to be taken care of, while still having a campus safety face available,” said Pressley.

“I like the new adjustment because I work out in Laimbeer at night and I like how the new desk is right there, so if I need them to unlock the door they easily can,” said freshman, Morgan Rochow.

The move to a new building was not the only change for Campus Safety. Director of Campus Safety, Thomas Hickey, joined The University of Olivet in January of 2024. Hickey has many goals as he steps into the new role, “I’ve just really been getting to know the campus although I am not new to campus life, but really finding what the needs are of the campus as far as safety.”

Hickey is working towards building a stronger connection with the campus, “The fact that Olivet is a smaller campus, I am embracing that. I am seeing more people on a daily basis than other campuses and really getting to know people and I think that is important. Not only for safety, but connectivity that I am another resource for folks, whether its safety related or not safety related,” said Hickey.

Campus Safety can be reached at (269) 749-7911 and is available 24/7.


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