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  • Logan Walton

Registration for Spring 2023

Registration for classes for the 2023 spring semester started on Monday Oct. 17. At this time you can change your current schedule or you can make a new schedule. You can also add an Intensive Learning Term(ILT) course to your schedule.

Even though registration starts on the 17th, it doesn’t mean that everyone can register on that day. The schedule is different each day. Students that can register on the 17th include seniors with 88 or more earned credits, veteran students, and GCHP students. Juniors with 56-87 earned credits can register on Oct. 18. Sophomores with 24-55 earned credits can register on Oct. 19. Freshman with 0-23 earned credits start on Oct. 20.

Registration will close on October 28th, 2022 at 5 pm.

In order to register you have to go to the My Olivet Portal. From there, go to registration and academic advising which is under “Students''. Then, select the “2022-2023 - Spring Semester”. After that, you search for the class that you want, either by the name of the course or the course code. Once you are done adding your courses, then you can go to “Student Information” and select “My Schedule” to view your full schedule.

Contact your advisor or Leslie Sullivan with any questions that you have about registration.

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