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  • Ben Gur-Arie

Chartwells Catering

Going above and beyond, Chartwells lets patrons form custom catering requests. There is a website individuals on campus or in the community can visit in order to set up their catering order.

The website, “” offers users who sign up a wide array of different food options. The menu lists the dish name, exactly what is contained in it, and the price per person.

Stacie Butler has been working for Chartwells for six years. She is one of the main people involved in Olivet College’s catering of events. Butler also works for Olivet College in the Kirk Center for dining.

“For catering Chartwells does all types of foods, there’s also special requests I can put in to the chef” she said. “Anyone in the college or area can set up events and look at pricing” Butler also added.

Katie Vanderstraaten-Bivens is in charge of Chartwells at Olivet College. She organizes catering for events. Those looking for more information should reach out to her at

Image from Echo Archives


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