How Michigan College Students Cope With Quarantine



Since classes moved to online (remote) learning during quarantine regulations due to the coronavirus pandemic, Michigan college students are adjusting to being stuck at home.


Olivet College sophomore Brian Taylor, said over Zoom video call that he copes with online classes by counting down the days and pushing through getting stuff done “for the day” so he can “feel accomplished”. Taylor said, with his free time, that he and his family make masks for the hospital, and have made about 2000 so far.


He also said he exercises and his family has “family day” or “family night” together. He said he feels “terrible” living in quarantine because he cannot do a lot of stuff, and that he is looking forward to “the gym”, being with his friends, and “staying out at night” when it is over. Taylor said his advice for other students during this time is to “find something productive to do . . . build a puzzle, do something with your family that you never did before . . . Just talk to people you haven’t talked to in a while . . .” He also said to “Trust in the process” and “Make it a positive.”