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  • Logan Beadouin

A Season Cut Short

The Olivet College spring sports teams were ready to go, until the unexpected happened.

On March 13, via email, President Steven M. Corey said, “Olivet College and the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association have cancelled all college athletics for the remainder of the 2020 academic year.” This cancellation is due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. The virus cut the seasons of baseball, softball, men’s volleyball, golf, tennis, and track and field.

The biggest concern with the COVID-19 outbreak concerning sports was students losing eligibility.

Taylor Shellenberger

Via email, Corey said, “The NCAA has taken action, effective immediately, through Division III Management and Presidents Council to work with institutions on providing blanket waivers for student-athletes participating in spring sports.”

For the senior Comets, most of their careers ended when the COVID-19 outbreak hit.

Senior infielder for women’s softball Taylor Shellenberger said, “As heartbreaking as knowing I will never step on a softball field again or have my official last game is, it is something that had to be done.”

Shellenberger also said, “It made me appreciate the game more and realize you never know when your last game is.”

Matt Rehfeldt

Senior pitcher for men’s baseball Matt Rehfeldt said, “Season ending honestly sucked, I wish I could tell more, but when I think about it, all I can think is it really just sucks.”

The seniors had their careers come to an end, but many underclassmen still have more years to play and years to recover from this one.

Junior runner Jordan Robinson said, “Disappointed because we didn’t even get to start outdoor season and we had a big meet in Kentucky planned.” Robinson said, “With the season ending it gives us plenty of time to prepare for next season.”

Junior competitive cheerleader Sidney McIntosh said, “It was super devastating that season came to an end so unexpectedly because with cheer we really only get one competition a year. We practice for 10 months straight, working super hard and perfecting one routine and just like that it was taken from us. Our one goal for this season was to be National Champions and it broke our hearts that we didn't get the chance to fight for that.”

McIntosh also said, “This all really motivated us for next year. We have a big senior class returning next year and this is our last chance to win this National Championship, so we’re coming back more determined than ever.”

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