Opinion: NCAA Cancellations

April 6, 2020


On March 12, the NCAA cancelled all remaining winter and spring championships.


This was not just massive news to the expectant college basketball fans waiting for another NCAA tournament. This was the loss of hundreds of thousands’ livelihood. This was the loss of a season these many student athletes had trained their lives for. This was the loss of time. Time with teammates. Time with competitors. Time improving yourself. Time proving yourself. Time supporting others, time beating others, time winning, time losing, time competing.   


Regardless of logic, and the obvious reason for this so far-reaching and impactful decision, the current spread of COVID-19 and our duty to contain it, there will be emotions felt. There are emotions felt. Anger is a given when your passion, as these sports are for so many NCAA athletes, is taken from you. Frustration is a given at the upheaval and dissolution of your plan, of the path you set out on. And confusion only exacerbates these feelings as it sets in all around us in this uncertain time.


The NCAA posted an open letter to their student athletes on their website on March 27 to help ameliorate these strong emotions, and to further explain that “This is not about sports.” Hopefully this letter will be a comfort to those still recovering from the blow this cancellation was. One thing that is certain,