"Flu": Coping with Quarantine

April 6, 2020

Being cooped up in our homes with remote learning, telecommuting, or just general taking care of our health, it’s not a surprise that we need some way to entertain or be entertained. Movies are one of several options, and movies also can help us cope with what’s going on.


The 2013 film Flu, directed by Kim Sung Soo, is a disaster movie that depicts the outbreak of a deadly strain called H5N1. The mortality rate for the strain is nearly 100 percent, and throws the popular district of Bundang in Seongnam into chaos.


Looking at the film as a whole, it does well to deal with how people would genuinely react to panic. There is the initial panic buying a


nd the focus of how easily the virus spreads. Furthermore, the people who get it aren’t just stock characters. The director gives them a backstory, and one of the relatively major characters has his brother contract his disease. The performance of that scene where the brother sees the other is gut wrenching and sinking since the viewer knows there’s nothing that can save him.


The two brothers, human traffickers Byung-ki (Lee Hee-joon) and Byeong-woo (Lee Sang-yeob) are the starting point, and through that, the movie shows the lineage. Those in the hospital contract the disease, which then spreads outs