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  • Andrenae Johnson

Crossing Night

Crossing night was Feb. 1 for students pledging to a sorority or fraternity. According to some Greek actives, there are certain rules that each pledge must follow if they are looking forward to joining a Greek society. Here is some insight from some pledges and a member of a fraternity on why they pledged and how they feel about pledging.

Tara Flanagan, sophomore, is pledging to Nu Gamma Xi. Flanagan is one of two pledges that have crossed over. When asked why she pledged and what she is looking forward to she said, “I pledged to Nu Gamma Xi because I really like the girls there. I wanted a home away from home. I also pledged because of what they stand for. Lastly, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and I feel like any Gamma Xi could bring that and my confidence out.”

Randy Britt, junior, has been a pledge to Alpha Xi Omega, also known as Elite, since 2017. “Even though our pledge class is small in numbers, we make up for it by searching for passionate members who can lead the organization into new generations.” Elite became an official Greek Society in 1995.

Mark Dowell, junior, is pledging to Mu Omega Pi this year. There were nine pledges this year. When asked why he waited until his junior year to pledge he said, “I wanted to pledge as a junior because I wanted to wait out the process to see who would be the best fit for me.”

There are 11 Greek societies total. According to the Olivet College’s official website, “All of the Greek societies are local organizations founded at Olivet, ensure its success in the community, and some are over 100 years old.”

Running night for pledges started Jan. 17. Pledging lasted two weeks and ended with almost () new active members of Greek organizations.

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