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  • Julia Bidelman

Autism Awareness Walk

Sophomore Crystal Lettinga is hosting an Autism Awareness Walk. The event will be held at Olivet College’s square on Wednesday, April 3 at 4:30 p.m.

Lettinga said that the reason she is having this walk is because she has a twin sister named Coral who has autism and she wants to raise awareness for families who need extra help who are not getting it. She feels that this is her chance to help others.

She explained how she had to take a different path than those around her. Growing up with a twin that has a disability is a challenge but something you learn to work with. Her sister is her inspiration in life and would do anything for her. They attended the same schools from fifth grade to senior year where she would help take care of her and bring her to class every day.

This event is something that she is very passionate about and cannot wait see become a reality as all the planning is coming together. The walk is less than half a mile around the square and the first 400 to come will get a free shirt and everyone will be able to enjoy yard games and socialize after the walk in the square.

When speaking with Lettinga’s mother Connie Lettinga she said it was difficult going out when the twins were younger because she always felt like she was being judged for being a bad parent although she was only trying to find out what was wrong with her child. She is very proud of Crystal because she wouldn’t be as passionate about this if it weren’t for Coral.

Robert Barto who is Lettinga’s stepdad is very happy that Lettinga is doing what she believes in and thinks Coral is a great person. Barto also said that if their family didn’t have Coral, Lettinga wouldn’t know where to put her passion

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