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  • Brandi Schonter, Sidney McIntosh

5 Steps To Passing Finals

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Below are five ways to pass your final exams in a very easy step by step process, that most people do already but others may not know how to prepare to take their nal exams. Good luck and best wishes to all Olivet College students taking final exams.

1.) Be Well Rested

Make sure you are getting at least eight hours of sleep a night and are relax-ing yourself through out the day weather you read a book, play a sport, write, sing, or do yoga, all these things help your body relax. If you do not relax then your body will be tense, and your focus will not be on nal exams.

2.) Study

Do not read entire books, get materials for your classes and study what your professors told you would be on your final exam. Make sure you have a quiet area to study, listen to music, whatever helps you to study, study for at least two weeks before your nal exam so you don’t feel rushed and freak yourself out.

3.) Be Prepared

Have all of the materials you need ready to go and waiting so you don’t need to run around trying to find something and become late for your exam. Make sure everything is in your backpack ready to go, make sure cloths are picked out and waiting.

4.) Eat

Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch before you take your nal exams. Healthy food will help your brain start working and will give you energy, so its very important to eat a healthy meal before your exams.

5.) Do It

Take a breath and sit down, get materials out, make sure you have your drink of choice, and take your final exam.

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