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  • Marah Heikkila

‘Halloween’ Review: Plot is Choppy, Michael, Silent Still

This is not a remake of “Halloween,” which came out in 1978. This current “Halloween” story focuses on Laurie Strode, played once again by Jamie Lee Curtis, 40 years after surviving a horrific attack by Michaela Meyers, played by Nick Castle, which killed her friends and nearly killed her.

Michael is now kept in a psychward, and when he’s transferred with a bus of people to be sent to a differ ent facility, the patients all get out. The original film can definitely be labeled as a classic, so when news spread of this sequel coming out, a lot of Halloween fans anticipated it, and were excited to see it.

They may have found disappointment. In relation to the original“Halloween,” this film doesn’t draw the same lines for thematic correlation. There are parts that are at, and dialogue that doesn’t exactly fit the characters. An example of this is when Laurie’s daughter ignores her mother’s warnings constantly, even after Michael gets out. Mother does know bestin this case.

And of course, the rowdy teenagers, including a female babysitter, go and investigate a child’s room, resulting in both of them dying. As horror movies often can be, the film was predictable multiple time throughout, and that took away from the speculative aspect of what could happen.

One aspect of the film that was rather good was the fact that Michael never showed his face. It leaves the viewer on edge, because when he’s investigated by two journalists, he still doesn’t turn around nor does he talk to them. He remains completely silent throughout the film, making his character far more terrifying. It clouds the possibilities for motives, but it also enables the viewer to wonder what the end goal truly is and what drives Michael.

Although that kind of speculative nature was present, it was cut down by the fact it was hard to immerse oneself in the film. The scenes were abrupt, jarring, and there were even moments where plot fell through. This happened during the scene at the high school dance where a couple fought and the boyfriend was never brought up again, yet he had somewhat of a presence in most of the movie in the beginning.

This lack of resolve made the plot choppy. The film could have been done better, instead of having an ending where it’s possible for Michael to not

be dead. What a shocker! There were some portions of “good” elements, but the thematic issues and choppy plotreally wore the lm down.

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