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  • Julia Bidelman

Snapshots of OC coaches, New, Still Fresh

This season the women’s soccer

team gained a new coach, Doug Carter, who came all the way from London, England. When asked, Coach Carter said, about the upcoming season, “We have had two scrimmages so far and at the first one we did very well and at our most recent one we struggled a little bit, but overall I think we are going to have a great season.”

Carter mentioned that his favorite thing about soccer is that “it is a fluid sport and the players are very oriented.” He also mentioned that he enjoys his new job because he adores his team and he just thinks that his job is really cool all together.

Coach Carter’s favorite junk food? McDonald’s.

Robert Brownwell has been both the men’s and women’s swim coach here at Olivet for two years now. Brownwell grew up in Marshall.

What coach Brownwell enjoys most about swimming is, “I grew up swimming all of the time, and I think that it is important because it is a skill that you will always use.” He also mentioned that his favorite part about his job are the students that he works with on a daily basis because “it makes coming to work easy.”

Coach Brownwell’s favorite junk food? Weaver’s Ice Cream.

The cheer/stunt and dance team’s new coach Lisa Ash is from Olivet. The thing that she is looking the most forward to for her team’s upcoming season is the arrival of the new mascots, Clyde and Haley. She also mentioned that the team has grown tremendously in size and that they are already working on their routine for nationals.

Ash said that the most enjoyable part about cheer/stunt and dance is “watching the team progress.” Ash’s favorite part about her job is being able to impact the lives of the college students here at Olivet.

Coach Ash favorite junk food? Pizza.

Daniel Montanye is the men’s soccer coach and is going into his third session here at Olivet. Coach Montanye is from Wisconsin. He told me that we can all look forward to their upcoming season because of all of the young talent and how enthusiastic the players are and he also said that he thinks the players on his team will all be really entertaining to watch. Montanye’s favorite thing about soccer is that “it allows you to be creative.” Montanye also said that his favorite part about his job are the people that he works with.

Coach Montanye’s favorite junk food? Ice cream.

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