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‘Fences’ a Spectacular Film at Questions, Reveals Our Humanity

February 19, 2018


“Fences” is a lm that truly and remarkably captures a story at its best. Given the lack of location and movement of location within the multiple scenes, the lm is far too powerful to be weighed down by that. The lm centers on Troy Maxson (played by Denzel Washington), a garbage collector, and his family.

The story takes place in Pittsburgh in the 1950s. Maxson often takes his frustrations out on the ones he loves, speci cally his wife Rose, played by Viola Davis, and his son Cory, played Jovan Adepo.

The character of Maxson had played baseball, and even though those days are gone, he still clings to then, which ultimately in uences his unpredictable state. That supports his ts of rage, and fuel them.

The performance Washington gives is truly spectacular. It is raw, and it will surely strike a chord with the viewer. It brings into view the bigger question of “what does my life

mean?”. It’s a broad question, but such a question is explored through the lm, especically in the family structure that soon starts to decay.

Maxson and son Cory go head to head many times, especially when Cory wants to play football, but his father refuses to let him, saying he must work instead. This doesn’t sit well with Cory, and this ultimately brings insight into