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  • Marah Heikkila

‘Bright’ one of Netflix’s best original releases

At first, “Bright” might seem to be rather superficial with its fantasy concept, but below the surface the film does much more than portray an alternate world.

The story takes place in modern day Los Angeles, focusing on two police offers, one an Orc named Nick Jakoby, played by Joel Edgerton, who is a part of a mythical race. The other officer is Daryl Ward, a human, played by Will Smith.

Both officers work together even when they’re under the pressure and in the spotlight, given that Jakoby is the first Orc on the force, let alone the first to be paired with a human. While they have to figure out such a balance, the pair stumble across a young female Elf, who they have to protect, along with the relic she holds, because it could ultimately mean destruction when in the wrong hands.

The movie offers both a reprieve for social issues while also using humor. For example, Ward ends up swatting down a Fairy with a broom while his neighbors are throwing a cookout next door, and when watching the film it definitely stirs up some laughter.

Beyond that, it is important that the social context of the movie and what it means is discussed.

Aside from a few of the fallbacks, such as the cliché part of protecting the damsel in distress, and not letting the villain get the object, the movie actually reveals a few and important themes that the audience can take away from it.

The movie ultimately addresses the issue of racism and what kind of effect it can have on relationships and even across the world. Racism doesn’t just affect one group, it affects many.

The movie discusses tensions between the different mythological races by showing how the police force does not like Jakoby because he is an Orc.

The film does well in addressing the parallelism of racism by examining how Jakoby is treated, even by those who are supposed to protect him.

“Bright” also addresses how people shouldn’t be basing their actions off intense hatred and discrimination. That is particularly present when Ward eventually puts everything aside and protects his partner through everything.

Race was an issue for Ward, but even under the pressure from the rest of the police department he did not side with them. He trusted his partner more as the film progressed, and the film was able to reflect the importance of acceptance, and why it is necessary for people to protect one another instead of going against each other.

In essence, the film is reflective of an issue that society is facing today, a world that is becoming more alienated.

“Bright” is one of many original movies published by Netflix.

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