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Trivia Solved

Well known for playing Batman in the 1960s, what American actor died in June of 2017 of leukemia?

a. Adam West

b. Michael Keaton

c. Frank Gorshin

d. Burt Ward

Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick star in what new 2017 Netflix series that was created by Scott Buck?


b. A Series of Unfortunate Events

c. Iron Fist

d. 13 Reasons Why

The Netflix exclusive TV series “Orange is the New Black” is based on a memoir by whom?

a. Piper Kermin

b. Erica Peters

c. Martha Mews

d. Philippa Houston

What is the name of Captain Hook’s sidekick in the Disney film “Peter Pan”?

a. Mr. Smee

b. Mr. Spree

c. Mr. Dee

d. Mr. Jolee

Who won the men’s 2017 World Junior Figure Skating Championship in March of 2017?

a. Vincent Zhou

b. Graham Newberry

c. James Min

d. Roman Sadovsky

Which artist won the Grammy for Album of the Year with “25” at the 2017 Grammy Awards?

a. Taylor Swift

b. Justin Bieber

c. Adele

d. Beyonce

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