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  • Chris Thomas

Chad Carlson sets school record for Hope - Olivet loses 88-93 in 'throwback' game

Hope College’s men’s basketball team won tonight’s match up against Olivet College in remarkable fashion.

Olivet took an early lead feeding off the electric atmosphere of the student section. The first half was very much like a track meet with up-tempo play.

Hope made a late first half serge and did not look back for the rest of the game. Leading at halftime by 5, 47 to 42.

Hope built on that lead behind the sharp shooting of their sensational play making guard Chad Carlson. Carlson had a “Steph Curry type” performance knocking down ten three pointers to set a new Hope College Varsity Men’s Basketball record for made threes in a single game. Carlson led all scorers with thirty points being 10-17 behind the three point line. Also all of his points came from made three pointers. When asking Chad if he was aware of if he was close to breaking the record during the game he replied in a recorded interview after the game, “I wasn’t keeping tally but I hit one late in the game and guys were chirping at me like hey you got the record. I was like, I don’t want to hear that right now. We could cheer about that after the game. Yeah so I knew unfortunately.”

When asking Carlson to describe the atmosphere of the gymnasium and how he came in and remained poise he responded, “I mean it was nuts, it was great to see these fans come out. With a lot of passion, it was a lot of fun. I’m just happy we got out of here with a win, it was a hostile environment and it was a lot of fun to play in that’s for sure,” said Carlson.

When asking Olivet’s Head coach Steve Ernst to some up tonight’s matchup he responded, in a recorded interview, “I think it was a battle, I think it was a prize fight. I always say good fights are related to styles and I thought we both play up tempo basketball and we just evidently couldn’t keep them off the free throw line those kids are good enough free-throw shooters and they’re going to make it every time.”

Olivet had very competitive play out of their sophomore forward Thomas “the Greek Freak” Tsalkitzis whom said this when asked what are some things the team should work on from this game, “We should work on our rebounding game, shoot some free-throws, and we should keep working on our confidence because this game was big time for us. We should just keep working hard and just win the next game. We shouldn’t let this disappoint us,” said Thomas in a recorded interview.

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