What's new around campus? Smiling faces

September 16, 2016



As summmer quickly came to a close, Olivet made their final additions all around campus. Maybe your athletic team got a new coach, working with some new friendly faces, or you met new people on your first day back to campus. Regardless of what you’ve seen around Olivet exciting changes are upon us.

Jamilia Johnson is the newest addition to our the admissions team here at Olivet. Johnson was brought to Olivet from Michigan State University and now is holding the position of admissions representative.


“This was a record breaking year, and we hope to keep getting bigger and encouraging students to come to Olivet, ” Johnson said, “We hope to connect people on social media. We post what is happening so people know what’s going on and can stay connected to us.”


Johnson, who attended MSU, has had a drastic change in scenery being  at Olivet. “Personal connections are the most important thing here,” Johnson said.


Many athletes here at Olivet are also experiencing big changes. Six teams have new h