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  • Bryan Reed

Ipsa scientia potestas est Ortega is “Always wanting to learn”

Growth is a word every small company or institution loves to hear. Well, growth is happening at Olivet College. Olivet has hired personnel around campus, including an athletic director, a new softball coach and a new physical plant manager. However, there was still one position that was vacant for a vast majority of the first semester: residence hall director for Shipherd Hall. This has now changed with the hiring of Rebeca Ortega on Sept. 28.

Ortega grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in classical Humanities. While at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ortega was a resident assistant, house fellow and diversity coordinator: “As diversity coordinator, I put on programs around identity and social justice…Served as an advocate to underrepresented students on campus, and helped run the Center for Cultural Enrichment, which was a space designed to embrace and celebrate students of all backgrounds.”

One of Ortega’s goals as residence hall director is to have a relationship with all of the students and resident assistants. With those relationships, Ortega wants to inspire students to perform work off of campus in the community as well.

“From the few times I have talked with her she seems pretty cool,” sophomore Luke Spotts said, a resident of Shipherd Hall.

“I love her. She fits the personality and mentality that the resident hall staff needs. She’s also incredibly approachable. Having her presence makes it much easier on the staff than it was at the beginning of the year without a hall director in the building. She has quickly adapted well to her position and it has made the transition much easier for us,” senior Nick Taylor said, who also serves as a Shipherd Hall resident advisor.

As residence hall director of Shipherd, Ortega is in charge of eight resident advisors and approximately 300 co-ed students. Ortega watches over the halls and enforces the rules that have been set by the college. She also helps coordinates different activities throughout the dorm and ensures that the hall is a safe place for Olivet students.

Interesting facts about Ortega

  • In third grade she won an award in Milwaukee for a story she wrote on her sister’s pregnancy.

  • Knits during her free time

  • Favorite band is “Brand New”

  • Knows how to read and write Greek and Latin

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