This Is the Brits

November 6, 2015

Juggernaut down. Stand by.


So how do I explain this roadblock?



Kill the juggernaut completely? Hop off the train that was destined for a conference title? I guarantee we could rally up the train for an attractive price; only two games left on the sleight. You think we should carry the emotional bruising and keep on pushing for a playoff spot?


Oh, how unfaithful some have become – one loss to a rival and believers have taken “28” steps back.


The MIAA crown is up for grabs and all behold, week 10 has arrived.


Now, this juggernaut has stopped momentarily to work out the kinks. This ride has taken a different route but the destination remains clear. Think of it as a family road trip to Florida; no matter how long you wait, at some point the kids are going to want a “potty break.”