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  • Bryan Reed

Shock(ey) the World! New AD Ryan Shockey already leaving his mark

With any type of event that is happening there is always a behind-the-scenes. This is ever so true when it comes to sports. One of the sports that require the most setup and planning is football. Ryan Shockey, who was recently announced as the athletic director of Olivet College, is the man in charge of all the preparation for sports.

The position does come with it’s own challenges, especially when coordinating the college’s football games during the fall season, but Shockey is the man for the job as he maintains that preparation and communication are what is key. “Planning on the number of people showing up, and communication.

Communication is the most important,” Shockey said, who works to continually push for growth in attendance at athletic events. “How can we improve? How can we get more money and people to the games? I am always trying to compete to get more money and people into the sporting events,” said Shockey.

In addition to promoting games, Shockey oversees a crew of five to 10 workers, which range from his intern, to maintenance workers and students of Olivet College. Each of these individuals are assigned certain jobs: ticket sales, Pyne Pavilion security, camera operator in the press box and runners.

“The job as a runner is if someone needs something then the runners take care of it. Almost like a right hand man for Shockey. Runners are there for people when he is busy,” said senior Stephen Botti, who currently interns for Shockey.

Marty Pierson, maintenance tradesperson at Olivet College, noticed a dramatic characteristic that will make Shockey a great athletic director. “He is very active, pays attention to the little things,” said Pierson, adding that on game days “Shockey is everywhere; when a problem occurs you can find him. It’s great to have an athletic director who cares so much.”

Pictured: Ryan Shockey/Courtesy Photo

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