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  • Abigail Beaver

SGA fees up, hopes of funding more events also up

If any students have been wondering why student fees have risen, the answer is here. The student fees included in tuition each semester have risen by $7 for the Student Government Association’s activities this year.

Student Government Association’s (SGA) President Christine Wood confirmed the student government fee has increased from $13 to $20 per semester. This fee is incorporated into each student’s tuition.

Wood said this money is put into the account that SGA has control over. The money gathered from the tuition fee is used to support the clubs and organizations on campus, as SGA participates and hosts events throughout the semester.

“They (clubs and organizations) are able to apply for a grant through the SGA grant process which an application and guidelines can be found on the (Olivet College) portal,” Wood said. “In the past our budget has been very limited, but with this increase, we hope to support the clubs even more and reach many more goals.”

Jason Meadows, associate dean of student life, also sends out emails each week to all students with the activities schedule. This schedule includes the SGA meetings which are open to the campus for questions.

The student government fees at Michigan State University are $54, a staggering $34 more than Olivet College’s fees. This information was gathered from Michigan State University’s website on tuition and fees.

According to Trine University’s tuition and fees, they pay $300 a year for student fees, while the student government fee is included in this cost. Hope College pays $180 for activity fees when looking at their tuition and fees.

“It is important that SGA members grow as leaders and are able to encourage others to be leaders throughout the college community.” Wood said.

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