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  • Lydia Calderon

Students, faculty adopt new motto for 2015 school season

What does the phrase: “Be Challenged, Be Changed” mean to you?

Wednesday, Aug. 26 marked yet another memorable day for new and returning Olivet College students. Opening Convocation kicked off a fresh start to the school year for students and staff. Located in the MacKay Gym, the event featured speeches and lighting the Lamp of Learning. The theme of this year’s Convocation was “Be Challenged, Be Changed.”

Students respond to the question, “How will you challenge yourself to change this year?”

Rachel Joseph, junior – “I’m going to do my best to understand the material learned. I want to go in depth in the literature I read. I also plan to help others and go on every service trip this semester.”

Christopher Taylor, junior – “This year I’m going to exceed my limits with being social on campus and raising my grades from the Dean’s List to the President’s List. I also want to be a more vocal leader on campus.”

Lee Gardner, senior – “I plan to focus on my studies, stay disciplined on the court and off the court, and being a role model.”

Emily Dorn, freshman – “I’m involved in a lot so I’m trying to do some different things. I know I’m challenging myself because I’m taking 19 credits. I’ve made lots of new friends. I’m also planning on volunteering for a math club and tutoring.”

Chance Brownell, freshman – “I will strive to make the Dean’s List, and I want to get out of my comfort zone.”

Miquel Marin , sophomore – “I want to stay more focused on my work and try not to miss as many classes. I also want to get involved in more activities like the Echo and Garfield Lake Review.”

Nick Harmon, junior – “I’m challenging myself to change my study habits to make me a more successful student. I haven’t had the best study habits in the past, but I have picked up new ways to study like taking better notes and outlining chapters. This will help me highlight what is important to know and will help better prepare me for a successful semester and year.”

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