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  • Kori Ramirez

Do you smell that? Dole Hall construction is incomplete, bathrooms still need attention

Last year, Olivet College announced there would be some major changes taking place in all of its residential halls. An actual golden toilet in the campus square signaled that all resident life bathrooms would be remodeled, as well as construction would continue outside of the admissions area of Dole Hall. This left many students excited to come back and see all of the new changes that had been made over the summer.

Sadly, for the women in Dole Hall, their changes were not yet complete.

After moving back in from the summer, sophomore Abigail Gaines was looking forward to the renovations. To her surprise, those projects were still in progress. “For right now it makes things a little inconvenient, but the idea of having nicer showers is really exciting,” Gaines said. Like Gaines, other Dole Hall residents are optimistic about the future and the changes that are being made.

As a Dole Hall senior resident advisor, Alexis Nichols frequently receives questions about the construction. “Yes, there is construction and yes, there aren’t that many showers. Be patient,” Nichols said. “They are making our living arrangements better. This (the construction) is making our college look better for...current students and incoming students as well.”

For other residential returners to Olivet College, the changes promised in the spring had occurred during their time away. Sophomore Isabelle Leon, a resident in Shipherd Hall who had lived her freshman year in Dole Hall, was happy about the switch.

“I am so happy with my choice of changing to Shipherd Hall because the bathrooms look sweet. They are very convenient, seeing that they are five steps from my bed now instead of a 30-second walk,” Leon said. “The new bathrooms in Ship are great this year! Everything looks fresh, clean and nice. The sinks as well are great, lots of room to put all of my things.”

There has not been a date told to Dole Hall residents yet as to when the construction will be done.

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